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Vaccine guarantee

Vaccines may qualify for a guarantee if done properlyThere are not many things that are guaranteed in this lifetime especially when it comes to medicine. At Oasis Animal Hospital, we use Pfizer Animal Health’s vaccinations. We have found their products to be of superior quality in our practice. Part of the assurance we can provide to our clients is that when their pets are vaccinated here, the “chain of possession” of the vaccines is known. In other words, we are not getting our vaccines from any other unauthorized source (i.e. feed store, a human pharmacy, online, etc.) Not only does this assure us that the vaccines are shipped under the proper temperatures, but that they are then stored under proper refrigeration upon arrival. On top of that, there is an “Immunization Support Guarantee” that goes with our service.

There are some types of vaccines that are capable of preventing a pet from contracting a disease or spreading it. Rabies is one such vaccine. Because it is fatal to humans and pets alike, thankfully it is possible to expect a 100% protection. There are other vaccines that may not prevent a pet from contracting an illness, but if they do contract it, the severity and course of the disease will be far more minor. “Kennel Cough” is in the latter category of vaccines. The illness is caused by a combination of factors. The Bordetella bacteria is a primary culprit. Even when a dog is properly vaccinated with a safe and effective vaccine, there is still a possibility that your dog may show minor symptoms. In this way, the vaccine is similar to the “flu” shot people often get. We may still contract a far more minor form of the flu.

Recently, I saw a dog that was vaccinated against Bordetella bronchiseptica “kennel cough” the preceding month. Subsequently, it was boarded while the family traveled out of town. Indeed, this pet did exhibit some of the symptoms of “kennel cough”. Fortunately, Pfizer guarantees their vaccines under certain circumstances. These clients were able to recoup the cost of diagnostics and treatment. Had this dog been vaccinated elsewhere, such as owner administered vaccines or at a vaccination clinic, this might not have been possible. This guarantee, along with some of the best veterinary care in the valley, is another reason to choose Oasis Animal Hospital. If you have any questions about Pfizer’s vaccine guarantee, please let us know.
If you have questions about the Immunization Support Guarantee or any other questions relating to immunizing your pets, please feel free to call us.

Dr. Salemi

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