Diets, Nutrition, and Your Pet

Optimal nutrition is vital to optimal healthNutrition plays a critical role in health, both in our pets as well as our own health. In the late 1930’s the first diet was developed to slow the progression of kidney disease in dogs and cats (k/d). From that start, nutritional management and control of disease in pets has grown dramatically . Today, there are many companies that provide us with excellent tools to help prevent and treat various diseases in dogs and cats. Here are links to a few of them. We are pleased to offer therapeutic diets to our patients.

Depending on your pet’s diagnosis, we may suggest a diet formulated by one of these companies for your pet. If he or she can benefit from nutritional management, please give this measure of love. You may find that there is a high cost to some of  these diets. But if you consider the cost of veterinary care for the conditions these diets are designed to treat, proper nutrition is a real bargain. For example, preventing a male cat from developing a urinary obstruction may save his life as well as save you hundreds of dollars.

If you have questions about what diet may be right for your pet, please ask us. We have many resources available for your consideration.

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