Puppy Care

Puppy care is vital at Oasis Animal HospitalCongratulations on your new puppy and thanks for taking the time to read this information on care and health concerns for puppies.



There are many sources of new puppies including purchasing from a neighborhood breeder, pet stores, the Pound or Animal Shelter, abandoned and more. Where your puppy has been before may greatly affect the types of illnesses they are exposed to. Part of your first veterinary visit will be to obtain as thorough an history of both the environment as well as any health care your puppy has received.

Another part of the initial evaluation with Oasis Animal Hospital will be to discuss what your expectations are for this dog’s lifestyle. For example, if you are planning to travel away from Arizona, there will be certain precautions that are not a concern here that we will discuss.

Puppy’s first veterinary visit:

– Greeting and Weigh-in

Upon arriving at Oasis, you will be asked to complete a new patient form. If you want to get a head-start on this, please Oasis-Client-Registration and complete it in the comfort of your home. Bring it along.

Then you will be escorted in to one of our five spacious examination rooms with one of our veterinary technicians. He or she will complete the history and begin the physical examination, assessing some things like the temperature and listing concerns to be covered in today’s visit.

Physical Exam, assessment and recommendations

One of our veterinarians will then do a comprehensive physical exam, discuss concerns with you and make recommendations which may include:

Visits are scheduled  3 weeks apart until your puppy is about 15-16 weeks old.

There is a lot to remember. We will give you a list of upcoming procedures and schedule appointments for your convenience.

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  1. Scott Sternlieb says

    Hi. We are getting a Weimaraner female pup in about 6 weeks. I would like to know how much your puppy package is, including spay. We are comparing the best Vets in our area and you guys are on our list with Crossroads and Banfield. Thank you for your time. Scott

    • superDoc says

      Thanks for your inquiry Scott. I will have one of our team members get in touch with you for a complete discussion of the items included in the “package” as well as cost savings.
      R. Tenney, DVM

  2. Montana Lomayesva says

    Good afternoon.
    I too would like some information on your puppy package. Before our family dogs passed away a few years back we would bring them to Oasis.
    I just got a new puppy. He is 10 weeks old, has been de-wormed, and has had his first parvo shot.

    Thank you

    • superDoc says

      Good morning Montana,

      This is Dr. Tenney from Oasis Animal Hospital. I was reviewing our website and came across your question regarding our Puppy Care package. Please forgive my tardiness in getting back to you.

      We have a wonderful pre-paid package of services that both simplify and expedite delivering all of the needed care to puppies and kittens.
      We very recently modified our package agreement to include a veterinary exam and visit with each with each appointment rather than an veterinary technician/nurse visit with certain visits.
      If you are still interested in information, please email me at rtenney@oasisanimalclinic.com or contact number and one of or team members will gladly give you a call and discuss this further.
      Again, I am so sorry for the delay.

      Ron Tenney, DVM