Never say “never”

Anna and Cody recovered from liver failureCody is a wonderful 5 year old Yorkie that became a patient at Oasis Animal Hospital since 2012. Last year he was diagnosed with an acquired liver shunt.  The prognosis for Cody was very grave. Fortunately, our patients can be extremely resilient.

Karol and Anna gave Cody the best care they could and his condition seems to have resolved. The good news about liver disease is that the liver has regenerative ability if the cause of the disease is stopped or is reversible.

Today Codi came for an exam and to be updated on his vaccines. He is now bright eyed and appears to be fully in recovery. Though many cases of serious or chronic illness do not turn out this way, it is wonderful to celebrate when a pet like Cody comes along.


  1. Belinda Metzger says

    Congratulations on the recovery of your baby Codi. Best wishes that he stays healthy and is with you for a long tome to come.