Fluconazole pricing has gone through the roof – We’re here to help

Fluconazole through the roof

Many of our clients have dogs (and occasionally cats) that test positive for Valley Fever. In my years of practice, the treatments have evolved from Amphotericin B to ketoconzole to itraconazole to fluconazole. Each of these drugs have advantages over their predecessors. Fluconazole is now the most commonly prescribed drug to fight this nasty endemic infection. (For more information on Valley Fever, check out this article on our website.)

Here is a link to a recent article on this topic from the Arizona Republic.

Fluconazole pricing has made treatment of Valley Fever quite affordable for most pet owners. But recently, the price has inexplicably skyrocketed. A 30-day prescription that recently cost as little as $18 can now cost over $117. Our contacts have not been able to explain this sudden jump in prices.
Here is a list of current (10/15/13) prices of approximately 200 mg of Fluconazole from various sources we commonly write prescriptions to…

Fluconazole pricing  200-205 mg strength
 Generic   Compounded 
D***  $ 37.80
A***  $ 703.95  $ 90.00
P***  $ 18.16
F***  $  65.99
S*** $ 115.59
W*** $ 117.39

The reason I point this out is that when we can, we try to find the best price of this medication as an extra service to you, our client. It is just one more way we can show our gratitude for your loyalty.

Thanks, Dr. Tenney


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