When hours really matter!

When Hours matterAs a parent, I know the anxiety that came when my children were young and became sick. When does this illness warrant a visit to the Doctor’s office? What about the ER?
As pet “parents” many of you have the same concern. Even the most conscientious and caring client may hesitate to come in every time a pet skips a meal, has a cough or wakes up with a limp.
Unfortunately, some problems may become far more complicated the greater the delay in diagnosis or treatment. It is impossible to give advice on “When is it time to bring my pet to the vet?”

If you see changes in your pet that are completely out of the ordinary, when there is a sudden loss of appetite, when there is repeated vomiting or if your pet eats something it is not supposed to (i.e. human medication), please play it safe. Call for an appointment. Remember, we offer evening and weekend hours. We offer CareCredit® to help you spread out payments if needed. Most of all, we will do all we can to either work up the source of the problem or provide relief for the symptoms. When you begin to institute medical treatments based on something you read online, on the basis of “what worked last year when…” or some other criteria, you may delay the treatment, losing valuable time.

What do you have to lose?  The cost of an Office Call?

What do you have to gain? Timely and caring treatment for your beloved companion!

When in doubt, please call for an appointment. (480) 899-7738

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