Poem from patient (“Flatscreen” – cat) to Dr. Tenney

To my dearest Doctor Tenney cat chasing mouse
From your toothless feline friend
I’m afraid you owe a penny-
To my mother you can send

You see, good doctor
My dear mother’s frustration stems
from my missing choppers
Failure to stop the rats’ devastation

The creatures feed on fruit
On the orbs of red and green
But I’m helpless to the root
For I’m not feared, only seen

So pay the price you must
To recompense for the garden
Please find some feline tusks
And my rudeness please do pardon

I’d like them to be sharp
And make me look quite stealthy
I won’t continue to harp
But remember mom’s not wealthy

So when you find the fangs
Just give my mom a ring
She’ll get me there with a bang
And once more to the rats I’ll sing!

– Gail M (Client since 1983)


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