Keeping them warm

July does not seem like a time to consider how to best keep your pet warm. But pets undergoing anesthesia have a tendency to lose body heat very quickly. I asked one  of our technicians, Christa, to summarize the methods we use to make sure your pet has a safe anesthesia and rapid recovery. Their article is below.


Patient warming is critical to anesthesia successWhile your pet is with us and under anesthesia we take every precaution to protect her from anesthetic induced hypothermia. We currently use two different systems to protect your pet. The first is an IV fluid warmer. This encompasses the fluid line right before the line connects to the patient’s IV catheter to help keep the fluids warm and thus keep the body temperature normal. The second method is a Bair Hugger. This is a blanket that lies over the top of the patient and surrounds them in warm air. We can control the temperature of the warm air based on the patient’s current temperature. Keeping the patient’s body temperature normal. This is part of the commitment we have for your pet’s safety and comfort when they are under our care. 

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