What is this man doing in our dumpster?

IMG_2706John Kruchowski has been a long time friend of Oasis Animal Hospital. He used to be one of the groomers next door to our previous location, working in PetSmart. Long ago he left his employ there and began working with Aunt Donna’s Grooming.

John came up with an unusual and wonderful passion in his version of “giving back” to the community. For many years John has gathered and collected recyclable material and sold it in order to raise money for an annual bicycle drive for kids without the means to buy them. In fact, he has even repaired and restored bicycles to donate. So when John shows up here, digging through our recycle bin, it makes me smile.

This year John is devoting his proceeds to assist in purchasing specialized tricycles for people with disabilities. I wanted to salute this Good Samaritan for the good he is doing right here in our community.

Thank You John.

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