Midwestern University Opens Veterinary College in Glendale Arizona

(Update: Midwestern did admit the first class in the fall of 2014) These students will graduate in the Spring of 2019.)

A recent news article in the Arizona Republic brought attention to an exciting development in Veterinary Education.  Midwestern University is about to open the first new College of Veterinary Medicine in the United States in many years. This will bring many jobs to our community and enhance the continuing education opportunities for Veterinarians as far Glendale as Chandler and Gilbert. Midwestern is the largest not-for-profit graduate only educational institution in the world.

Midwestern College of Veterinary Medicine will benefit the communities of Gilbert and Chandler AZMidwestern will be the 29th veterinary College in the United States.

For more information about the requirements for admission to Midwestern University, or if you have interest in the admissions process, please click here.

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