The power of information

It is amazing to see how we access information nowadays. What time does that movie start? What is the final score of the Cardinals game? What is the conversion of teaspoons to milliliters?

Google vs degreeSome claim that we are addicted to our smartphones and computers, endlessly searching for the most up-to-date information on endless topics.
What could possibly go wrong with “Dr. Google” in your hip pocket?
Just type in your search bar “why is my dog coughing”. Google coughingEven though there is much valuable information, (1.45 million pages accessed in less than a half second!) the subtle differences in the history, duration and nature of the symptom of coughing has a big impact on how we will “work up” a patient or client complaint of coughing.

Is the information available at the press of a button valuable? Absolutely!
Can it be relied on more strongly than a professional exam and diagnostic workup? Absolutely NOT!

The bottom line is that we too access internet resources to augment our learning. But if you have a question veterinary medical question or if there is confusion after your pet’s exam, please contact us.

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