Pet travel and International Health Certificates

We are modifying the process for issuing International Health Certificates for clients that travel with their pets out of the United States. Unless you are traveling to Mexico or Canada, there is now a new step that is required for us to issue such an International Health Certificate. We require that the client secure the services of an outside company, (below are listed some such companies in this area) and coordinate travel through them.


  • Plan ahead. Sometimes the lead time can extend to weeks or even months.
  • Find a company that can help you through this process. Find out about their experience, reputation, and if they are licensed, bonded and insured. (common sense but important!)

There are so many hoops to jump through that we want our clients to be assured that their paperwork is in order before the time of travel. If you are considering travel to a foreign country with your pet, please make arrangements with one of the companies listed below:

Here is a link to The International Pet and Travel Association which lists certified pet shippers. Also, here is a link to United States Department of Agriculture (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service), where you can get vital information on the requirements for travel from and to the United States. But, be aware that each country has requirements of their own that may vary from those imposed by the United States.
(We provide the below list, not an endorsement, but as a convenient place to help you begin to find reputable companies that provide these services)
All-Pet Travel
Happy Tails Travel, Inc

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