Employee focus

What is it like to work at Oasis Animal Hospital?

Staff Training and goals

As a team, we meet frequently to review processes and discuss challenges we face in providing optimal care for patients and convenient services to our clients. Oasis Animal Hospital of Chandler, AZ is committed to being the best veterinary hospital in Phoenix Arizona’s East Valley. We are never fully satisfied with the degree of satisfaction many clients express. There are times when we fail to reach our goals. We take our responsibility very seriously because we know that you trust us to give you the best services and products in the most cost-effective, convenient and professional manner.

Team meeting

Team meeting and reviewing client services


Dr. Tenney providing training

Staff discussing ideas to better assist clients and pets in their health care goals




One of the greatest assets we have is the stability of staff at Oasis Animal Hospital. Many of our team members have been employed here for over 10 years. One of the reasons are the benefits.  Here is a plug for our Benefits coordinator, Doug Gray. He continually works with us to fine tune our health care insurance strategy and contain costs.