Kitty Korner

  • Deserts around Chandler and Gilbert Arizona have the spores of Valley Fever

    Valley Fever and Arizona Pets

    Living in the desert has its advantages. No snow to shovel, few fleas and mosquitoes and amazing sunsets. But one of the disadvantages of our environment is a fungal infection that dogs, people and the occasional cat is susceptible to: Valley  Continue Reading »

  • Obesity is no laughing matter. providing nutritional support in Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa Arizona

    Obesity and Weight Management in Cats

    Adopted from: Fat Cats: Understanding Feline Nutrition, Western Veterinary Conference 2010, Debra L. Zoran, DVM, PhD, DACVIM-SAIM Obesity is a growing problem in cats worldwide. Depending on the study cited, the number of obese or overweight cats ranges from 15%  Continue Reading »

  • Optimal nutrition is vital to optimal health

    Diets, Nutrition, and Your Pet

    Nutrition plays a critical role in health, both in our pets as well as our own health. In the late 1930’s the first diet was developed to slow the progression of kidney disease in dogs and cats (k/d). From that  Continue Reading »