More about Oasis Animal Hospital

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our vision:

We want to be the best veterinary hospital in the

2016 Oasis Animal Hospital staff photo

2016 Team photo

valley.  We strive to provide the highest level of care for our patients in an environment that is the most caring and

professional for our clients. Achieving the highest level of veterinary care depends on the most passionate and skilled team members.  All of our efforts serve to reinforce the benefits to our patients, clients and team members.

 Our Mission:

Our defining quality is the passion we bring to enhancing the lives of our patients and clients. The trust of our clients in our level of care and commitment is vital to our success. We earn this trust as we completely evaluate each pet and provide compassionate care. The service we provide is based on the entire team committing to excellence and consistency in all aspects of our work. In support of our mission, we utilize the best technology available. We continually improve our veterinary skills, teamwork and communication.

Core values:

Integrity:  quality of being honest and fair, adherence to a code of moral values

Compassion:  a conscious feeling of concern for another’s distress with a desire to alleviate it

Competence:  the ability to do something well

Service:  contribution to the welfare of others

Leadership:  power or ability to lead other people

Positivity:  Maintaining a positive attitude

Technology w/ personal touch:  being able to explain on someone’s level what is found via technology (i.e.:  radiographs/ labwork/ etc.)

Best outcome:  If we do what we are competent at, with compassion, and utilize the technology we have available we WILL have the best outcome.

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Dedicated Oasis Animal Hospital is special for many reasons. Our dedicated staff, doctors and management are foremost reasons to make us a part of your extended family. We have many long-term employees. Our doctors have extensive training and areas of special interest that can address most any medical concern for your dog or cat.

We are now in a state-of-the-art facility on the Southeast corner of Ray and McQueen Roads. After nearly 30 years of practice, serving Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Queen Creek,  we moved into our new home in October, 2011. We invite you to take a virtual tour of our hospital or better yet, stop in for a personalized tour of your own!

Another aspect of our Chandler, AZ  practice that our clients appreciate are the extended “regular” office hours we provide. We are open until 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday, until 6:00 pm on Friday and have extended hours on Saturday, closing at 5:00 pm. For many of our clients, knowing that they can come in after work hours without paying for an emergency visit provides great peace of mind.

We take very seriously the trust and confidence you place in us when your pet is in the hospital for surgery or dental care. Nearly every client expresses concern when when they leave their “baby” for the day. Long ago, we adopted an approach to surgery that strives to eliminate any compromises that could imperil the outcome of a procedure. We call this our “Safety and Comfort Package“. This means that all pets will have a thorough physical exam and detailed history will be taken. Lab work is performed to detect any underlying (but potentially unrecognized) health problems.  An intravenous catheter is placed to keep your pet properly hydrated and to administer emergency drugs if the need arises. Our technicians are all well trained and continue to participate in educational courses to keep their skills sharp. No expense is spared in the anesthetic monitoring equipment we use. We can simultaneously monitor pulse, respiration, blood pressure, build up of carbon dioxide, oxygen saturation and core body temperature.