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Recently added: Benefits of microchipping your pet.

Importance of Microchipping your pet from Oasis Animal Hospital on Vimeo.

There are so many sources of information about pet health, behavior, surgery and dental care. We see evidence of this daily as people “admit” during the history taking and physical exam that they have already “googled” their questions. Ironically, some clients seem relieved when we make observations and statements that agree with their online “research”. This is not all bad. In fact, many times clients have very useful information and they express a strong desire to be involved all aspects of their beloved pet’s care. Your active participation is really the only way we can deliver the quality care to you pet that he or she deserves.

If you are going to search for useful information, we figure it is to our mutual advantage to share useful and factual information with you. We want to be the “source” you turn to first for more information specific diseases, the meaning of certain signs and symptoms and treatment alternatives.

This library will expand over time. Your interest is what determines what you see here. Please submit any suggestions for information you would like to learn more about from here.